Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Two of a kind...

One in Istanbul...name Yasmine...age 27...a beautifull architect
one in Athens...name Alex...age 27...a chemist

So far but still so close!!!

Same way of thinking, lots of common experiences ...
Both "bad girls"

I dream of the day she will pick me up from the airport in Istanbul
hold my hand and walk with me in the city
Be like we've known each other for a lifetime

I always dreamed of going there,but for different reasons....
Now i have her.

I dream of the night next to the sea drinking cold beers and talk for hours
listening to Cat Stevens .... the wind....

This is what i dream for us Yas ...
and one day or night i will make it happen.

This is a promise.

My "close" and "so far away" friend Yasmine

1 comment:

YCS&CYS said...

My dearest Alex,
It is so much honour to have friend like u.Yes one day we will see each other and will be awesome. Bad girls forever.